Mothers. Sisters. Daughters. 

This November, STOP.

Stop the madness that hurls us from Halloween BOO fadness, trick and treating gladness, too much chocolate badness, then BAM the yuletide givingness.

Not worth it.


make the memories

tousle your beloved's hair

hold hands

try not to carol until you have gathered together in thankness.

And celebrate

the blessings, oh the blessings

that keep your spirit fed.

And try to remember

one moment

another one who may not have the fadness, gladness, badness, givingness in their hands this year.

And reach out to them.

The real gifts.

YOURSELVES, my Sophanistas. Yes, you.

Feel beautiful YOU.

SAMSUNG CSC [caption id="attachment_2613" align="aligncenter" width="685"]hopes and dreams, feel beautiful. hopes and dreams, feel beautiful.[/caption]


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