Aquamarine, Pearl, Sapphire, and Diamond Mosaic Teardrop Pendant Necklace

Sapphire, aquamarine, pearl, black sapphire and white sapphire teardrop pendant on Greek leather cord.

Diamonds and clear quartz are April birthstones. Wearing either stone is said to make the wearer happier in their relationships, more successful at work and help them build strength from within. Diamonds are associated with other benefits such as mental clarity, balance, and prosperity. They are also thesymbol of everlasting love.

This one-of-a-kind Arzouman™ teardrop pendant is so highly detailed and luxurious, our most exquisite piece in the collection.

The sterling silver base is original and hand-carved, designed, and cast in Chicago.

White and black sapphire, pearl, aquamarine, diamondand sapphire gems
* Teardrop is 2 x 3 in.
* On Greek leather
* Adjustable: can be worn long or short
* Sterling silver hand-casted base
* One of our most exquisite pieces in the collection, one of a kind

Feel beautiful!

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