Sunset on Silver: garnet + sapphire earrings

It was just about sunset, and Mauricio and I were walking in the town of Plaka, on Milos. Hidden behind a corner was a staircase overgrown with bougainvillea- I moved some of the branches and saw a door. Alice in Wonderland? Maybe... because behind that door was this BEAUTIFUL, pristine church courtyard, complete with an ancient mosaic on the floor. As the colors changed in the late afternoon, I made a mental note to create a piece that would try to capture this secret moment.


  • tundra sapphire, carnelian, hessonite garnet
  • handmade vintage silver detail from Ioanina, Greece
  • sterling silver earwires
  • created to emulate the colors of church courtyard at sunset on Milos, Greece
  • one of a kind piece
  • thank you for shopping small

feel beautiful!

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