Wanderlust inlay, gold, and opal earrings (Santa Fe)

Sodalite, jasper, jet and serpentine are inlayed together in an element by Rudy and Mary Curiz of Santo Domingo Pueblo- we added vintage gold, carnelian, rainbow opal chain and matte lapis lazuli to make a luxurious yet earthy earring that will make you feel beautiful.


In my 30 years creating jewelry, I have had the opportunity and privilege to observe countless artisans around the world create work of their culture, from Russia, to India, to Greece. But something literally leapt in my heart when I had the chance to observe Navajo and Zuni artists, within the confines of the reservation, in their element, in their moments of creating. I observed how much love and respect for their people went into each piece, and we respectfully pass them on to you, my darling Sophanista. Each artist represented in the Santa Fe Wanderlust collection gave their permission to us to enhance their work, an honor we take very seriously.



* Sodalite, jet, jasper, and serpentine inlay 
* Vintage gold 
* Faceted carnelian, Ethiopian opal chain, matte lapis lazuli
* length of earrings 3.5 inches: can be adjusted
* gold earwires


Feel beautiful.

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