Wanderlust Gold and Silver Lace Teardrop Earring (Florence)

A party for your ears in dreamy champagne colors, these teardrop earrings jingle jangle jingle softly while you dance the night away or push that shopping cart... because anywhere you go, you will be a queen wearing these, senora.


When I found these filigree pieces in Florence it was at the very end of my day... I had been searching in that magnificent city for some element that spoke to me of the region, that embodied the beauty of the ubiquitous art. My heart skipped a beat when I first saw these in a tiny shop near Santa Croce.



* Italian rose gold and silver faceted mixed metal from Florence
* Teardrops are 16mm wide and 18mm long
* Faceted peach moonstone and presiolite (green amethyst) 
* gold ear wire
* approx 2 inches from top of wire to end 

Feel beautiful!

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