North African Nights Earrings (Wanderlust Paris)

Welcome to Wanderlust Paris, my darling Sophanista.

This city is so PACKED with history that when I would go into vintage markets or antique stores, I knew I would be able to find pieces from all over the world that could be decades if not hundreds of years old. These silver pieces struck me the moment I saw them- they looked like they were North African- and when I walked through Saint Chapelle church I got amazing design ideas on how to create with them.

The city of lights, the magnificent hubbub where art, fashion, architecture, elegance, music, style, and joy all converge. And YOU were on the adventure with me, from Versailles, to the Louvre, to the Paris Puces outdoor market, to the banks of the Seine. 


Sterling silver, handmade, most likely Moroccan- acquired in Paris Puces market

* Sterling silver blue enamel pieces depicting St. Therese, France's Little Flower (a 19th century saint)

Vintage Swarovski crystal dangles

* Sterling silver ear wires 

* One of a kind piece

feel beautiful!

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