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Shine on You Crazy Diamond Rose Gold necklace

Single natural diamond is set in rose gold pendant. On oxidized silver chain with black sapphire and hand hammered copper accents.

We took the fire of faceted gemstones and placed them in the context of a raw hand hammered backdrop, mixing ancient elements and jewelry practices in this earthly dangle earring. The result is a collection so new, we named it after a verb: STRIKE. The jewels will STRIKE others as absolutely fabulous when worn by our magnificent Sophanistas.

For over 3 million years, humans have used tools to forge their desires into shape. Whether to cut, hammer, or build, human hands create wonders.

Each piece encapsulates the lush beauty that defines the feel beautiful tribe.

  • The faceted fire of gemstones light up next to the hammered texture of the metalwork.
  • We allude to the cosmos of the ancients, staring at the moon and the stars of the night sky.
  • The powerful energy of the hand created copper and rose gold will STRIKE you fabulous.


Single natural diamond set in rose gold pendant
hand hammered copper discs, black sapphire accents
* 22" in length 
oxidized silver chain 
* Hand made in Chicago

Feel beautiful!

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