Wanderlust Gold and Silver Lace Pendant necklace (Florence) - Sophia Forero Designs

Wanderlust Gold and Silver Lace Pendant necklace (Florence)

Delicate Italian gold and silver filigree is a pop of sparkle that will make you feel beautiful. Accented with faceted sapphire, this necklace is fabulous on its own or layered- and with that faceted gold/silver chain, you are dynamite, my darling Sophanista.


When I found these filigree pieces in Florence it was at the very end of my day... I had been searching in that magnificent city for some element that spoke to me of the region, that embodied the beauty of the ubiquitous art. My heart skipped a beat when I first saw these in a tiny shop near Santa Croce.



* Italian gold and silver faceted mixed metal from Florence
* Round pendant is 16mm across
* Accented with dangle of faceted blue sapphire on gold 
* Chain is cut silver with gold chain, features gold lobster clasp
* 16 inches in length

Feel beautiful!

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