Sophia Forero's eye for color, texture, and design stems from her love of history and wide experience of international culture.

After earning her Master's Degree at University of Chicago, Sophia worked for the US Peace Corps, teaching and traveling throughout Eastern Europe. 

Sophia went on to see the world, gathering inspiration and materials from which she began to craft fine jewels. She has learned seven languages, helping her communicate with artisans from all over the globe, including Russia, Mexico, and Greece.

Sophia's pieces featuring her signature handcrafted mosaic designs and hand-hammered silver have been featured on the red carpet.

Actresses Sarah Jessica Parker, Vivica Fox, Keiko Egena, and Nia Vardalos are just a few who enjoy her work. Sophia's pieces have appeared in such films as SHOPGIRL and are worn by anchorwomen of CNN.

Sophia is a proud mother of four. She works alongside her husband in their joint studio outside Chicago.