King's Treasure Trove gold and silver coin necklace

Mauricio and I stopped at the tomb of King Phillip, the father of Alexander the Great. WHAT a sight to see- the gold crown and quiver, the various ritual objects buried with the king- but I especially loved the handmade silver goblets and bowls. These are from 500 BCE, and were as pristine as if they could be used today.

It was a bit funny- we found the town of Vergina, where the tomb was... but we were confused. We couldn't find the tomb in this tiny village... but once we did, we were spellbound. PLEASE VISIT when you go to Greece.

The coin in this necklace reminded me of those silver figures. One side, Athena the Goddess of Wisdom, on the other, Pegasus, winged stallion that held Zeus's thunderbolts. 


  • silver coin: Athena/Pegasus (copy, not of antiquity)
  • bezel set in gold over silver 
  • accented with pearl
  • on gold over silver chain 
  • pearl accent at end of chain
  • 18", can be made longer
  • one of a kind piece
  • part of Wanderlust Greece Collection, created from elements from Sophia's travels to Milos, summer 2022

feel beautiful.

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