FEEL BEAUTIFUL Engraved Pearl and Ruby ring

Engraved by hand with the words we LIVE BY, this regal ring of peacock pearl surrounded by rubies and black sapphires will remind you to feel beautiful, ALWAYS.

Happy birthstone RUBY!

The stone of love for thousands of years across a multitude of cultures, RUBY represents love, passion, power, and a zest for life.  Believed to be the stone that improves motivation RUBY is said to promote positive dreams and clarity. The wearer is said to feel positive and courageous while donning this gem: in short, the RUBY is the perfect stone for my darling Sophanistas to FEEL BEAUTIFUL.


  • faceted ruby and black sapphire surround peacock pearl mosaic
  • mosaic is 18mm in diameter
  • set in hand wrought sterling silver
  • FEEL BEAUTIFUL engraved on band by hand
  • faceted sapphires and rubies around rim in OMBRE color sequence
  • band is hand made sterling silver

feel beautiful.

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