Pearl and Watermelon Tourmaline Mosaic Ring

Luminous, iridescent and reminiscent of the moon, the pearl is one of the most ancient and beloved of all gems. Representing serenity, virtuous purity and the hidden nature of the human soul, for centuries the pearl was considered to be of divine origin, sacred. Highly sensitive to their environment, it was believed that a person’s pearls would reflect their health – shining brightly when a person was in good health and losing luster when a person became ill. Indeed, pearls are unusual in that they are the only precious gem that are not technically gemstones as they are produced in a sea creature rather than from a mine in the earth.

The pearl represents purity, love and sexuality.

It is associated with hidden wisdom, patience and peace.

Considered a sign of wealth, ancient cultures and traditions revered the pearl as a most precious gem. It is said that Cleopatra owned the largest pearl in history- she swallowed it before dying rather than give it up to the Romans.


  • mosaic is olive sheen pearl in middle 
  • surrounded by faceted watermelon tourmaline
  • last, a halo of luminescent rose pink pearls 
  • 22mm mosaic ring
  • base is gold Trafari flower from a vintage earring
  • sterling silver band is hand wrought in our Chicago studio
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