She Wore her Soul on her Sleeve (hand hammered silver bangle)

We are so delighted to introduce our latest bangle style for you, darling Sophanista. And what better way to communicate our affection for you- with hand stamped FEEL BEAUTIFUL... a message for you to just breathe in.

November’s birthstone of TOPAZ is the gemstone of opulence and abundance. Presenting in a myriad of colors from blue, to yellow, to deep brown, topaz is said to bring truth and wisdom to the wearer, as well as clear thinking, healing power and positivity. This most ancient of stones was revered in such cultures as Babylon, the Hindu empire, and Rome.


  • hand hammered silverbangle
  • on the silver is stamped: FEEL BEAUTIFUL
  • citrine and pearl knotted on silk
  • a magnificent reminder of who you are

feel beautiful!

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