Heaven in Her Hands (Greek Gold, and opal necklace)

A hand wrought vintage Greek gold pendant from the 1920's, 2 sided, rests on a necklace of gold, sea glass, and opal knotted on silk. I chose the sea glass because as a child I used to collect them on the beach near my auntie's house in Rion, outside of Patras, Greece- this is SUCH a magnificent one of a kind piece that can be worn long or doubled. Truly, feel beautiful.

Happy birthstone OPAL!

OPAL is a stone replete with mystery, and said to help the wearer reveal information. OPAL enhances confidence and wearing this October gem helps one to understand their full potential. If you are looking for a stone purported to stimulate originality and creativity especially in the arts, this is the gem for you, darling Sophanista. Considered a karmic stone, OPAL encourages positive emotions, with a mesmerizing, colorful depth the delights the soul.


  • hand wrought gold pendant, 2 sided. Vintage, 1920's Greece.
  • necklace is sea glass, gold, brass from Ghana, and opal.
  • 36" in length
  • knotted on silk
  • gold clasp
  • wear long or doubled
  • one of a kind piece

feel beautiful.

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