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Moonstone, Pink Sapphire, and Aquamarine Mosaic Ring

Moonstone in gold surrounded by faceted pink sapphire and aquamarine set in sterling silver.

In March's birthstone collection, aquamarine is a timeless gemstone said to symbolize youth, hope, health and fidelity. Since this gemstone is the color of water and the sky, it is said to embody eternal life. The name aquamarine was derived by the Romans, “aqua,” meaning water, and “mare,” meaning sea, as the soothing blue emulated the color of the ocean.

Believed to possess medicinal and healing powers, this ethereal gemstone was said to be an effective antidote against poison. Aquamarines were thought to be the source of power for soothsayers, who called it the “magic mirror,” and used it for telling fortunes and answering questions about the future.

Shine in this beautiful mosaic, my darling Sophanista.

  • The colors in these are earthy, while the gemstones sparkle in harmony.
  • The sterling silver is hand hammered in our studio.
  • Flawless, timeless style that will distinguish you, while an excellent compliment to the jewels you wear every day, or magnificent on their own.

* Glowing moonstone prong set in gold,surrounded by faceted pink sapphire,and aquamarine.
* Mosaic measures 26mm in diameter 
* Hand wrought sterling silver ring

Feel beautiful!

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