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Fireworks in My Heart: Bohemian Glass vintage pin + lapis lazuli

I LOVE creating with vintage elements. When I found this Swarovski crystal necklace in an antique store in LaGrange, IL, I was SO impressed by how vivid the colors of the crystals were, as well as how high the quality. I often think about the stories a vintage piece has witnessed, especially elements like these: the Bohemian glass pin is from the 1920's, and the necklace from the 1940's. The pin is from a lovely shop in Door County, Wisconsin.

Midwestern elements, reimagined. Perfect for the Love, American Style collection.

One Nation. That's what we strive for, that's what we claim.

I know we are all seeking an AMERICA where each and every one of us has a chance to feel beautiful.

Onward together, my friends and fellow citizens.


  • VINTAGE Bohemian glass pin from the 1920's, set in silver
  • mosaic pendant: surrounded by faceted lapis
  • VINTAGE Swarovski crystal necklace, circa 1940's
  • one of a kind piece
  • hand made in our Chicagoland studio
  • thank you for shopping small!

feel beautiful.

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