Who Needs Ruby Slippers (garnet and ruby mosaic earring)

Garnet, gold, and ruby mosaic earrings dangling from ruby and gold chains that will dance with your every move. Stunning.

In January's birthstone collection, garnet  is said to offer protection through travel,  attributed with the power of protecting wearers from nightmares and snakebites, and are also thought to provide guidance in the dark.

The use of red garnet dates back thousands of years, when it was used by Egyptian pharaohs for both decorative and ceremonial purposes. The ancient Romans also wore garnet rings and traded garnet gemstones.


  • mosaic earrings of faceted garnet surrounded by gold and ruby
  • wire wrapped ruby and gold chain
  • gold and silver elements
  • gold earwires
  • mosaics are 17mm each across

feel beautiful!