Wanderlust Murano Millefiori glass chandelier earring with pearls (Murano)

Deep, mesmerizing blue Italian Millefiori glass in a tree motif is framed by peacock pearls in a unique earring that will turn heads. The chandelier design is inspired by light fixtures in Casa Battlo of Barcelona- this piece is really a combination of loves: one of travel, one of Spanish art, and of course, one of ethereal Italian glass.



I remember the lovely proprietor of the tiny shop on the banks of Murano, Venice, Italy. I had walked into a myriad of glass stops beforehand, looking for pieces that were different from the ones I had seen over and over on my trip. I knew the moment I walked in that I had found very special pieces- my heart skipped a beat when I picked up this hand made glass, created with techniques perfected over centuries. Please allow us to don you in our own interpretation of these incredible finds.



* Hand made Murano glass beads from Venice, Italy: no 2 beads are exactly alike
* 6 peacock pearls surround the Murano glass disc
* faceted lapis and turquoise, sterling silver chain
* Sterling silver earring wires
* 3 inches from top to end of earring

Feel beautiful!

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