Rose Gold on Gold Vintage Flower with Sapphires Mosaic Ring (Wanderlust Paris)

Darling Sophanista, welcome to Wanderlust Paris.

If you ever have a chance to visit Paris, please venture into Saint Chappelle, the 13th century church that might have THE most beautiful glass images in the world. I had seen pictures, but the ABSOLUTE festival of color and imagery made my heart sing- the lower level is where this picture was taken- LOOK at those blues and reds, my darling Sophanista! 

When I found this rose gold on gold vintage pin in the Paris Puces market, I had just gone to Saint Chappelle the day before- I thought that the flower motif was so much like the windows I had seen inside. I knew right away that this piece would be the center of a mosaic, but I had to stare at it in the studio for a few days before I decided what colors could surround it- I chose sapphires that I thought gave light to the rose gold detail.

The city of lights, the magnificent hubbub where art, fashion, architecture, elegance, music, style, and joy all converge. And YOU were on the adventure with me, from Versailles, to the Louvre, to the Paris Puces outdoor market, to the banks of the Seine. 



Rose gold on yellow gold vintage pin with pearl center

* Faceted blue sapphire

* Rectangle mosaic is 1.5 inches wide by 1 inch

24k gold filled hand cast ring

* Sized to order, please tell us your size in the notes

* One of a kind piece

Feel beautiful!

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