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Day of the Dead in 2020...

If 2020 were a candy... 

you saw that meme, right? The one with the chocolate covered brussels sprouts? Meaning that just about everybody hates brussels sprouts (unless of course, swathed in bacon bits) and covered in CHOCOLATE- well, that's just HIDEOUS.

And yet, here we are: October 2020, about to hunker down again, back to our homes, inside from the cold outside... this Great Pause just doesn't want to wind down.

What do we usually think about October? Halloween, right? Little ones prancing about in costumes, squirrels gorging on our pumpkins, trick or treat decorations ushering in the holiday season...

BUT THIS IS 2020. And EVERYTHING is different-and not just some things.


In many countries of Central America: Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Day of the Dead is a festival of joy that welcomed spirits back into the living, a thousands year old tradition dating back to Aztec, Toltec, and other Nahua people. Families joyfully decorate the graves of their loved ones, creating altars not for worshipping, but for welcoming them back in celebration, to reignite memories and rekindle spiritual connection.

Our limited edition Day of the Dead collection is a collaboration with Laura Vasquez Cruz, 4th generation Zapotec artist of San Martin Tilcajete, Oaxaca, México. Each wood bead is hand carved by her abuelo (grandfather), who taught her the tradition and rich heritage of her people. Painted with tenderness, pride, and love.  

From her kitchen table, they transform...

The colors and patterns are meticulously applied... and just exude JOY. 

Maybe this year you lost a loved one, my darling Sophanista. My ❤️ goes out to you if so... I like to think the colors and vibrancy of this festival are a coping mechanism, a conduit to remembering those who are no longer with us. 



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