Sophia Forero Jewels, 1218 Johnson Drive, Naperville, IL 60540

FAQs: WE BELIEVE, returns, and shipping



All our jewelry pieces are handmade and reflect the individuality of the hand-chosen stones. No two pieces will be exactly alike as the stones may differ slightly in size, texture or shape.

Please be aware that we do have policies in place for returns and layaway.

for the life of the piece, we pledge to:

  • Address any imperfection in design, materials, or workmanship
  • Resizing

We also help (for a minimal fee), but do not cover:

  • Wear and tear
  • Bent or missing prongs
  • Discoloration from outside agents
  • Bent/misshapen bands
  • Loss of a stone/pearl/backing
  • Broken clasps or missing links
  • Repairs or maintenance done outside the original seller
  • Theft
  • Transfer of ownership

In case of return:

All sales are final. SFD will issue a credit for merchandise in exchange within 60 days of purchase. We do include custom jewelry for the credit amount as well as inventory pieces. All enquiries may be made to After 60 days, all sales are final and not subject to merchandise exchange.

Repairs: Please send your piece that needs tender loving care to: Sophia Forero Designs, 1218 Johnson Drive, Naperville, IL, 60540 via USPS, UPS, or FedEx, with a tracking number. Once sent, drop an email to so we will be sure to look for your package.

We ALSO fix jewels for you, from fine to designer, to that piece you love but has somehow broken. Come on in to our Feel Beautiful Gallery in Naperville, OR drop us a line at

Layaway is an option for our Sophanistas: we will hold merchandise for 30 days from request, with 20% down of the total sale. At the expiration of 30 days, full payment is due or pieces are reintroduced to inventory, with the initial down payment available for credit for future purchases, but no tender will be returned by SFD. Layaway pieces are not available for exchange once put on an agreed purchase plan.

Custom work: We ADORE creating for you and only you. If alterations are requested to a finished piece or to a custom item after the design process is complete and approval has been given, we will work with you to try to realize your vision. A minimum $100 re-design fee, labor and any incurring additional materials costs will be charged.

Shipping guidelines:

Within 24 hours: We at SFD want you to FEEL BEAUTIFUL as soon as possible after your purchase! Our pledge to you is that we will ship within one day of your visit to our online store, so the jewels come to your door quickly. If we do have to procure materials, we will email you within the first 24 yours. Look for our deep pink package!

In case of out of stock pieces: we love pampering our Sophanistas, and highly value communication with you. If for some reason a piece is not available to ship within the 24 hours of initial purchase, we will communicate with you right away to explain our time frame- as each piece is made by hand, we may need an extra day to create OR we may have to gather elements to complete the piece. We pride ourselves on only showing work on our site that is available within our shipping pledge of 24 hours, so out of stock situations are rare. 


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