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Rainbow sapphire and hammered silver earrings

Rainbow sapphire delicately dangles from hand hammered silver. So earthy and ethereal and colorful.

What is a rainbow? A gift from the heavens that we cannot touch. We witness from afar, and delight that the colors descend into our path. No one can behold such brilliance passively- we remember the promise of beauty mother EARTH commits to us.

I like to think we all exude the same grandeur.

Feel beautiful comes from within, dear darling Sophanista. 


  • faceted rainbow sapphire: blue, red, and yellow
  • on oxidized silver chain, with faceted silver nuggets: also available in bright silveror gold
  • hand hammered sterling silver 
  • sterling silverearwires
  • light, so wearable, and PERFECT for summer

feel beautiful. 

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