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Eternal Weaver Intaglio Necklace: labradorite and silver

One of my favorite stories from mythology is that of Arachne challenging Goddess Athena in a weaving contest. Women in ancient Greece, especially the city state of Athens, were pretty much confined to the home. A characteristic of a "virtuous" woman was a good weaver- even the wife of a Cesar would weave. Arachne fancied herself more skilled than Athena, and in the challenge, enraged the goddess. She was changed into a spider to weave for eternity. Mortals never win against the gods, silly Arachne.


  • intaglio glass pendant of Athena the weaver prong set in sterling silver
  • faceted labradorite 
  • on sterling silver chain with faceted silver nuggets
  • black tourmaline accent
  • 18" in length
  • pendant is 22mm across
  • one of a kind piece
  • part of Wanderlust Greece Collection, created from elements from Sophia's travels September 2022

feel beautiful.

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