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She Forged Ahead: onyx, silver, and rose gold necklace/bracelet

Many of you know I'm currently writing a book about Empress Theodora of 500's Byzantium. One of the biggest reasons I wanted to go on my trip this past September (besides visiting my family) is that I wanted to walk through sights that whispered of her world, so I could dive in and really FEEL what might have been her surroundings.

I visited the Byzantine Museum of Thessaloniki, and was blown AWAY by the beauty- not just the objects IN the museum, but the structure itself. I like to think of Theodora as a woman who, against SO many odds and challenges, became a formidable force in a world that was RULED by men, the church, and Roman law. Theodora is my light.

I think she would have loved this necklace.


  • black onyx set in vintage sterling silver from Ioanina
  • faceted black onyx accents
  • on textured, oxidized silver chain 
  • hand hammered rose gold 
  • choker as necklace, or two strand bracelet
  • can be made longer 
  • one of a kind piece
  • part of Wanderlust Greece Collection, created from elements from Sophia's travels to Milos, summer 2022

feel beautiful.

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