Leather stamped MMXX with school colors (gems)

The CLASS of 2020.

SOMEDAY, we'll all have stories about this Great Pause. But the Class of 2020? They will have THE most potent tales to tell. Their send off will be one like we've never witnessed before, with ceremony replaced by creativity. Instead of speeches of how they will conquer the world, let's gather around them, and heap onto them messages of hope, resilience, and fortitude... and STILL remind them that the world is their oyster, and they are its pearls.

EACH PIECE from the collection will come with a graduation card: you can give us a message to write and we will directly ship to your graduate, OR we will send you the blank card, ready for your words of wisdom, or love, or pride.


  • hand stamped letters: MMXX, or Roman numerals for 2020
  • hand hammered silver
  • gem detail in the colors of your school: blue/yellow sapphire shown here
  • on Greek leather
  • versatile: wear as a necklace or a wrap around bracelet
  • necklace can we worn long or short, slider in back
  • unisex
  • simple + earthy, with a power message of resilience
  • available also in hand hammered gold
  • alternate colors of leather available, tell us your heart's desire!

Please tell us the colors of your school in the notes at checkout, and if you want this piece in gold or silver.

feel powerful. feel hopeful. feel beautiful.