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Ebony and Ivory: onyx post earring

I started piano at the age of 4. I LOVED it. But I HATED practicing. I would practice for 5 minutes, then play whatever came to my head or sheet music I'd find in music stores in the discount bin. I could play for hours. My favorite was when my parents would come in to sit and listen. I didn't have the best communication with them then, and it was my way of connecting with them.

In my first year of business, I fell with a glass vase in my hand and severed a tendon. I haven't touched the piano since. Lately, I've been dreaming about playing again- it brought me solace during those awkward teenage years, gave me a creative way of pouring out my woes.

We all need a space for solace. 


  • mosaic of faceted black onyx
  • on sterling silver post
  • 10mm across
  • extremely light and wearable, that perfect pop of elegance
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feel beautiful.

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