Fire & Ice Mosaic Bangle (Fire)

Inspired by the ancients, this hand-hammered sterling silver open cuff bangle design is making its debut in the Fire & Ice Collection.

Each end of the cuff starts with gold prong-set baguette diamonds surrounded by their own mosaic.

The larger mosaic ignites with garnet, carnelian, yellow sapphire, and ruby.

The smaller mosaic smolders with faceted garnet that may contain an ember from the original fire stolen by Prometheus.

Diamonds and clear quartz are April birthstones. Wearing either stone is said to make the wearer happier in their relationships, more successful at work and help them build strength from within. Diamonds are associated with other benefits such as mental clarity, balance, and prosperity. They are also thesymbol of everlasting love.

* Gold prong-set baguette diamonds
* Hand-hammered sterling silver cuff
* 6" in length
* 10mm x 15mm: faceted garnet
* 22mm x 12mm: ruby, yellow sapphire, garnet, carnelian

Feel beautiful!

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