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Wanderlust micro mosaic with faceted apetite and chrome diopside (Ravenna)

This micro mosaic pin is in a shape we hadn't seen before- and surrounded by the fiery green of faceted chrome diopside and cool calmness of faceted apetite, this ring is not just unusual, but a perfect POP of fabulous color on your hand.


This past summer of 2018, I had the opportunity to visit the "Mosaic City" of Europe: Ravenna, Italy. While there, we visited the circuit of magnificent art mostly from the 6th century, when Ravenna was an outpost of the Byzantine Empire... pieces commissioned by my personal hero, Empress Theodora. It was in the shop of the Basilica of San Vitale that I was able to source some AMAZING micro mosaic elements, pieces that have been created by Italian artisans for centuries. Our Wanderlust Ravenna Collection is a twist on an ancient tradition. Wear them with joy, my darling Sophanista.



* Micro mosaic center created in the ancient tradition of artisans of Ravenna, Italy
* Mosaic in total is 26mm in diameter
* Hand wrought sterling silver band
* Accented with faceted apetite
* Surrounded by faceted chrome diopside, a scrumptious green
* One of a kind piece

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