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Alzaba Emeralds and Swirls

Darling Sophanista, welcome to Wanderlust Spain.

La Alzaba, Malaga: the thing about Spain is that it is SO FULL of surprises. I mean, I knew that the Moors had taken over the country for a GOOD long time, some 700 years. But I had NO idea their legacy had imprints ALL OVER the country. The Alzaba in Malaga is on a corner of the city, not far from the port. You climb up a short hill, pay your 3 euros, and a few steps more you see these AMAZING swirly doorways leading to a pool that is hundreds of years old- a spot SO serene, I had to take a moment, breathe, and be in the present.

From the clicks on the cobblestones, the aromas of paella, to the swirls of Moorish castles and the OLÈ of Flamenco dancers… YOU were on this Spanish adventure with me, darling Sophanista. This collection gathers elements of Malaga and Seville, from jaw dropping antique stores, quiet street vendors, and pieces that remind us of that magnificent adventure. 


  • faceted emeralds
  • silverite
  • vintage gold
  • oxidized brass
  • extremely light and wearable
  • inspired by La Alzaba, the Moorish castle of Malaga, Spain

feel beautiful!

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