White Gold, Sapphire, Diamond Mosaic Necklace (Wanderlust Paris)

Darling Sophanista, welcome to Wanderlust Paris.

If I could even relay how many times my jaw dropped when I would witness the beauty of the objects on display... in the Louvre everywhere you turn is another treasure. I turned around and saw this ceramic woman on a pedestal of WHAT is THAT and I thought... I want to take those colors and put them in a piece. 

The middle of this mosaic is actually from a vintage white gold, diamond, and sapphire ring- which we surrounded with faceted sapphires then crowned in a necklace of citrine to one side and knotted pearls on the other. Simple yet not simple, detailed, but wearable with a t shirt and jeans or out on the town.

Paris is the city of lights, the magnificent hubbub where art, fashion, architecture, elegance, music, style, and joy all converge. And YOU were on the adventure with me, from Versailles, to the Louvre, to the Paris Puces outdoor market, to the banks of the Seine. 



Vintage white gold with 2 round sapphires and diamonds

* Mosaic in total is 22mm in diameter

* Hand wrought sterling silver casting

* 17" necklace of faceted citrine, knotted pearls (on silk), and oxidized silver chain

* Finished with single pearl, 1.25 inches of adjustable chain in back 

* One of a kind piece


Feel beautiful!

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