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Plaza de España necklace

Darling Sophanista, welcome to Wanderlust Spain.

Plaza de España, Seville: I have been SO very grateful to be able to travel, to get inspiration from places I could never know about if I didn't get to experience them firsthand. I am constantly amazed at how LITTLE I know when I'm traveling, like the fact that the Plaza de España even existed. To see so much COLOR, in unexpected ways... a BRIDGE made of blue, yellow, and white painted tile? REALLY? 

This necklace is an expression of that magnificent place.

From the clicks on the cobblestones, the aromas of paella, to the swirls of Moorish castles and the OLÈ of Flamenco dancers… YOU were on this Spanish adventure with me, darling Sophanista. This collection gathers elements of Malaga and Seville, from jaw dropping antique stores, quiet street vendors, and pieces that remind us of that magnificent adventure.


  • Greek ceramic beads
  • blue pearls
  • citrine
  • Swarovski crystal
  • faceted lapis lazuli
  • yellow opal, Czech glass, faceted sodalite on gold chain pendants
  • 15" long necklace
  • inspired by Plaza de España, Seville


feel beautiful!

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