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She Stargazes in Secret (diamond, topaz, moissanite)

There's SO much beauty to this piece, we don't quite know where to begin.

Maybe it's the ethereal mosaic, starting with prong set faceted moissanite surrounded by sapphires and faceted topaz.

OR maybe it's the hand wrought sterling silver, made with love, with set aquamarine and diamond like tiny windows bringing light and energy to the mosaic.

OR maybe it's just the ring as a whole: inspired by angels and their wings...

Diamonds are said to generate happiness and clarity or thought, as well as build strength from within. They are also the symbol of everlasting love and prosperity.


    • Faceted aquamarine and diamond set in band
    • sterling silver
    • oval mosaic: faceted prong set moissanite, sapphire, and smoky topaz
    • one of a kind piece
    • size 9, but we can size to you

    feel beautiful!

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