Raising the Bar Necklace: Turquoise and Carnelian - Sophia Forero Designs

Raising the Bar Necklace: Turquoise and Carnelian

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Sophia Forero Designs introduces the new bar necklace, this one of faceted carnelian and turquoise.

Experience the solid sparkle and style of mosaic jewels. Inspired by Byzantine icons, capture the rich, textured gemstones that set our Sophanistas apart.

Each piece encapsulates the lush beauty that defines mosaic jewels.

  • A beautiful piece that is earthly yet elegant, these gemstones speak to each other in harmony.
  • Layer with a longer mosaic or just wear on its own.
  • Flawless, timeless style that will distinguish you, while an excellent compliment to the rings you wear every day.


  • turquoise and faceted carnelian mosaic
  • set in hand wrought sterling silver
  • gold elements
  • sterling silver chain
  • 16" in length, with 1.5"adjustable chain in back for added length

feel beautiful!


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