Amethyst and Brushed Gold mosaic earring

Amethyst is a symbol of protection and has the power to overcome difficulty. It encourages self control and strengthens the bond in a love relationship. Amethyst is also believed to help to steady a restless mind and bring mental and emotional well-being.

At one time the stone only donned by royalty, amethyst has been heralded throughout history, from the ancient Egyptians, to Romans, Greeks, to the people of Tibet, who consider the gemstone sacred to the Buddha and excellent for prayer beads.

    * Faceted amethyst gems surrounded by faceted gold 
    * mosaic is 12mm in diameter
    brushed gold disc, 18mm in diameter, sterling silver earwigs
    * faceted amethyst drop, 2" from top of hook to bottom of drop total earring
    * Hand cast in Chicago

    Feel beautiful!

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