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Arzouman Luxe Black South Sea Pearl surrounded by Black Sapphire

You read that right: an unbelievable luster of a South Sea Pearl surrounded by black sapphire. Can you EVEN?

Each piece encapsulates the lush beauty that defines mosaic jewels.

  • Rich with texture, this pearl and sapphire mosaic will make heads turn.
  • The stones together create a rich harmony of sparkle and luster.
  • Flawless, timeless style that will distinguish you, while an excellent compliment to the jewels you wear every day.

So elegant- this is the ONLY ring you'll ever need. 

The sterling silver is original and hand-carved, designed, and cast in Chicago.

South Sea Pearl
* Faceted black sapphire
* Sterling silver hand wrought setting

* Tell us your size so it's made perfectly for you
* Handmade in our Chicago studio

feel beautiful!

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