Love Me, Peridot, Love Me Sweet

This necklace will turn heads. 

Simple, yet so sassy, this mosaic will make you feel beautiful.

For centuries, PERIDOT has been a message of cheer to many: from priests (who drank crushed peridot to prolong life) to pirates (who wore the gem as a talisman to ward off nightmares) PERIDOT has been revered as the gem that brightens life. Known to Egyptians as the “gem of the sun” because of its hint of yellow, it was believed to bring warmth and happiness to the wearer.


  • mosaic is gold, faceted labradorite, and faceted peridot
  • pendant is on a chain of oxidized silver and gold
  • mosaic is 18mm across
  • 16"chain with adjustable 1.5 inches additional chain

feel beautiful!

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