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Olive You Forever, Olive You for Always peridot mosaic ear

Gold, peridot, and silver. Hand hammered encircling a mosaic. What MORE could you want in an earring?

For centuries, PERIDOT has been a message of cheer to many: from priests (who drank crushed peridot to prolong life) to pirates (who wore the gem as a talisman to ward off nightmares) PERIDOT has been revered as the gem that brightens life. Known to Egyptians as the “gem of the sun” because of its hint of yellow, it was believed to bring warmth and happiness to the wearer.


  • mosaic is gold surrounded by peridot
  • hand hammered sterling silver
  • sterling silver ear wires
  • mosaic is 10mm across
  • 1" diameter

feel beautiful!

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