Star Light, Star Bright pink sapphire, zircon, and hessonite garnet necklace

You are the star, my darling Sophanista. Let these gems sparkle and shine on you.

The German word Zirkon, which in Arabic is Zarqun, and Zargun in Persian, are the well-known origins of zircon, one of the December birthstones. This is a gemstone that has purity, integrity, and dignity. The wearer of this birthstone is said to be protected from illness, ill intentions, and from all sorts of adversaries. 


  • faceted pink sapphireand honey zircon
  • set in hand wrought sterling silver
  • hand hammered silver pendant
  • chain of faceted hessonite garnetand pink sapphirewire wrapped in gold
  • one of a kind piece

feel beautiful!

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