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Martha, My Dear: hand painted pearls, pink sapphire necklace

A lovely maiden dons pearls in her hair: a hand painted piece by my husband, Mauricio Forero. She's surrounded by faceted pink sapphire, gold, and silver.

In February's birthstone collection, amethyst is a symbol of protection and has the power to overcome difficulty. It encourages self control and strengthens the bond in a love relationship. Amethyst is also believed to help to steady a restless mind and bring mental and emotional well-being.

Purple has LONG been the symbol of royalty... in fact, only Kings and Queens from Rome, to Byzantium, to the British were allowed to wear the color, in some cases upon pain of death by their subjects if they dared to don it...

"as for me, I will die WEARING THE PURPLE, for it is the noblest of shrouds."

-said by Byzantine Empress Theodora to Emperor Justinian, convincing him to stay put in courage and face the revolt of his people. 


  • hand painted piece of a Renaissance maiden by Mauricio Forero 
  • she dons pearls in her hair
  • surrounded by faceted pink sapphire
  • faceted green amethyst (presiolite)
  • hand hammered gold clasp
  • textured chain of mixed metal: gold and oxidized silver
  • one of a kind necklace

feel beautiful.

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