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He Brings Me Tea at Night: enamel and gold bracelet

The Eye of Protection will keep you feeling beautiful, darling Sophanista.

Queens and kings wore sapphires around their necks as a powerful defense from harm, as they preserved the wearer from envy and attracted divine favor. Sapphires also are associated with romantic love, representing fidelity and romantic devotion, which is why they are so perfect for engagement rings.

Want heavenly thoughts? In Medieval Europe and Ancient Persia, sapphire was believed to bring the wearer exactly that- and give them a deeper understanding of their faith. Powerful.

Happy birthstone, darling Sophanista!


  • enamel Eye of Protection of white and dark blue
  • gold chain
  • faceted blue sapphire accents
  • gold clasp
  • adjustable: clasp fits anywhere on bracelet

feel beautiful!

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