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Black Sapphire and Diamond Harmony Earrings

Glistening black sapphire mosaics with baguette diamonds speak to each other in a set that is not exactly alike, but work in harmony to make you feel beautiful. With rose gold chain.


These earrings are all about style and daring beauty that define mosaic jewels.

  • Rich with texture, these black sapphire and diamond mosaics are packed with elements that together, that go with so much in a wardrobe.
  • These harmony earrings show you love surprises.
  • Flawless, timeless style that will distinguish you, while an excellent compliment to the jewels you wear every day.

* Mosaic of black sapphire and baguette diamonds set in cast silver. 
* Rose gold chain
* Elegant, versatile piece that can be worn with jeans or to a black tie

* 2.75 inches from the top of the earwire to the end of the chain
* Handmade in our Chicago studio

Feel beautiful!

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