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Goodbye Blue Sky aquamarine post earring

In 1980, my parents sent my brother and I to Greece for the summer by ourselves. I was 13, he was 9. It was thrilling to travel on our own... my whole family, of course, was waiting for us at the Athens airport.

I brought one cassette with me:  Pink Floyd's The Wall. I played it SO many times on my aunt's cassette player that is deoxidized and would go eeeeeeeeee in between notes. It was VERY disconcerting, but I couldn't stop playing that album over and over and over... and my favorite song was Goodbye Blue Sky.

I learned guitar in my 20's JUST so I could play that song. Over and over and over...


  • mosaic of faceted blue aquamarine
  • on sterling silver post
  • 10mm across
  • extremely light and wearable, that perfect pop of elegance
  • thank you for shopping small

feel beautiful.

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