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Facing Her Fears: pearl and silverite mosaic necklace

Water: the eternal means of cleansing and rejuvenation. Last February, I had the wonderful opportunity to travel with 4 magnificent women to Jamaica. I was in such loving, tender, FUN company. But I had storms inside my heart.

I was in a tough spot in the writing of our book- something just was NOT clicking in the overall theme. And then I learned about GODDESS POSE, from one of the ladies studying to teach yoga.

I stood in my pose. WHOOOSH were those waves strong. Legs anchored, arms outstretched, I faced the might of the sea without budging. All of me. Steadfast. Forceful without being forced. I thought to myself, "this is EXACTLY how you should face your fears."

And it was glorious.


  • white pearl and faceted silverite mosaic
  • pearlaccents 
  • sterling silver chain
  • 16", as shown, available longer
  • BEAUTIFUL when layered
  • extremely light and wearable, elegant
  • handmade in our Chicagoland studio

feel beautiful. 

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