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Love is a Rebellious Bird: bumblebee jasper and Greek vintage

Part of our Bejeweled Stories series: these earrings will be featured in an upcoming short story about a cellist who, when she plays, her surroundings morph into a world of her wildest imaginings. 

The gold metaled detail are actually earrings that I found in my mama's jewelry box when I was quite young, probably in my 20's. I remember pointing them out to my mama and she said I couldn't have them then, but that I could have them after she was gone. I'm 56 now, she's 82. She's been quietly gathering her boxes and going through them with me. I guess I should think upon that with some sadness, but I really don't. I get to have a moment with my mama going through with HER what she finds precious, and that gives me a lot of insight into who she is. Every time I leave her house I don't write anything down, I just try to take a moment to remember our interaction. Because I know I'm going to need to draw upon that someday.


  • vintage gold (likely brass) metal from Greece
  • coral
  • bumblebee jasper knotted on red silk
  • gold accent
  • gold earwires
  • one of a kind piece
  • part of our BEJEWELED STORIES series
  • created in our Chicagoland studio
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feel beautiful.

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