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With this Ring: pearl, garnet, and lapis mosaic

I believe that rings have a way of reminding us of real emotion. We look at our hands so many times a day, they hold such powerful symbolism: for example, we wear wedding rings to show who we are. This ring is all about the nation that we strive to create, together. As was once said, there are no red states, no blue states, there are UNITED states. This ring is a claim of unity, that we have a higher cause. But first, we need to face real challenges- including facing up to our past.

One Nation. That's what we strive for, that's what we claim.

I know we are all seeking an AMERICA where each and every one of us has a chance to feel beautiful.

Onward together, my friends and fellow citizens.


  • mosaic is pearl surrounded by garnet and faceted lapis
  • sterling silver ring
  • tell us your size in the notes
  • handmade in our Chicagoland studio
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feel beautiful.

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