Ode to Magnificent Angela

Sometimes you meet a person who exudes such kindness, you cannot help but be moved. 

That was Angela. Nevermind the fact that she was wicked smart, and gave of her skills as a lawyer and teacher with an open love of humanity- she had a way of making you feel like no matter what, she valued you. Even if just in conversation for a few fleeting moments.

She will be missed.

This necklace, created in her memory, is all about her love of Minoan art from the island of Crete, her ruby birthstone, her love of turquoise, and of course the blue of the Mediterranean Sea.

Proceeds from this necklace will go to the Angela Trakas Memorial Endowed Study Abroad Scholarship at DePaul University, to help young people travel, study, and learn about other cultures, to open their minds and explore their curiosity, as Angela herself did.


  • sterling silver pendant, from the island of Crete, Greece, from period of 1700  BCE, bees symbolize mutual support and abundance
  • mosaic of ruby surrounded by faceted turquoise
  • faceted lapis lazuli briolette
  • on faceted gold metal chain
  • shown at 16", available also in 18"
  • proceeds go to the Angela Trakas Study Abroad Scholarship at Depaul University

feel beautiful.