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Opal Symphony for my Girl: opal, sapphire, rose gold mosaic necklace

A mosaic within a mosaic: boulder opals set in silver surrounded by faceted sapphire. Magnificent.

OPAL is a stone replete with mystery, and said to help the wearer reveal information. OPAL enhances confidence and wearing this gem helps one to understand their full potential. If you are looking for a stone purported to stimulate originality and creativity especially in the arts, this is the gem for you, darling Sophanista. Considered a karmic stone, OPAL encourages positive emotions, with a mesmerizing, colorful depth the delights the soul.


  • mosaic is Australian boulder opals set in silver
  • surrounded by faceted sapphire and silver 
  • faceted silver accents
  • necklace is fine rose gold chain
  • 18" in length
  • one of a kind piece- cannot be duplicated

feel beautiful.

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