You make me feel like a natural woman: raw lapis and gold lariat

The title is EXACTLY how I feel wearing my own piece. And that's the real reason for adornment, isn't it? If I make you happy I don't need to do more... (SING IT ARETHA)

Natural, raw lapis, accented with gold and silver are on soft, supple Greek leather. 

Among the most ancient of stones, the ultramarine blue of lapis lazuli has been revered by Egyptians, Persians, and Romans. The deep hue of this gem symbolizes loyalty, honor, wisdom, and truth.


  • raw, natural lapis lazuli
  • faceted gold nuggets
  • gold accents
  • on Greek leather
  • wind once or twice around
  • very comfortable/wearable
  • GREAT for layering

PLEASE note, darling Sophanista: these pieces of lapis are raw, natural. Hues of blues may vary slightly.

feel beautiful!

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