The Greatest of these is Love: diamond mosaic, kyanite, and jade necklace

Two years ago I got to visit my beloved family's homeland of Greece once again... and in the museum of Patras (where my mama is from) were these AMAZING Mycenean mosaics that I LOVED in these earthy colors. I decided I would emulate these hues in a diamond mosaic of natural sapphire, baguette diamonds, and cube cut diamonds.

I recently found this gold and jade pendant in an estate sale- and thought it was a perfect accompaniment to the original Medusa wheel I saw in Patras. VOILA: this one of a kind necklace will make a very darling Sophanista feel VERY beautiful.


  • mosaic is baguette diamonds prong set in gold 
  • surrounded by faceted natural sapphires 
  • cube cut diamonds
  • in gold pendant setting
  • vintage jade/14k gold pendant
  • necklace is gold and kyanite hand knotted on silk
  • clasp is hand hammered gold
  • 18" with additional 2" of adjustable gold chain 
  • one of a kind piece

feel beautiful.

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