Too Many Oranges, Mama: carnelian, citrine, vintage glass earrings

Part of our Bejeweled Stories series: to make this collection come alive, I wrote the short story, "Tiny Things," about mothers, daughters, birthdays, and memories. This jewel is based on Acrobats at the Cirque Fernando, by Pierre Auguste Renoir, on display at the Art Institute of Chicago.

Renoir painted two young acrobats juggling oranges. The onlookers added a sinister side to the scene, though the young protagonist of our story only noticed the fruit overflow.


  • faceted rainbow sapphire
  • vintage glass oranges
  • vintage flower accents
  • oxidized silver chain
  • light
  • one of a kind jewels
  • part of our BEJEWELED STORIES series
  • created in our Chicagoland studio
  • thank you for shopping small!

feel beautiful.

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